Daylon Byerly

Daylon specializes in the successful negotiations of cable, internet, and telephone contracts for BBCG’s clients. Areas of responsibility included providing support and coordination between BBCG’s clients and the telecom provider operations, construction, engineering, marketing, and customer service departments. Prior to joining BBCG in 2000, Daylon headed the Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) and Commercial Development Department for Comcast in Orlando, FL. He consistently won apartment complex opportunities in competitive environments, as Comcast competed with local franchise cable companies, local exchange carriers, and multiple private operators. His industry background includes Sales and Management positions with franchised multi-video service providers, private cable operators, local exchange carriers, and competitive local exchange carriers. Daylon has industry insider knowledge and he is focused on MDUs, Planned Communities, Lodging, and Small Commercial Business environment. He has successfully established new long-term industry relationships that have resulted in significant ancillary income opportunities for our client’s portfolios. Daylon holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Tech University.