Top 10 Reasons Why BBCG Should be Your Broadband Consultant

  • Proven Process and Success: BBCG currently represents over 400,000 multifamily units nationwide. Over the last nine years, BBCG has produced well over $25 million in ancillary income for our clients utilizing a proven auditing, and negotiation process.
  • Free Research: BBCG researches and audits your existing cable and telephone contracts at no charge. BBCG’s goal is to find opportunities for extra income and improved technological advances within your portfolio. BBCG also represents clients for existing properties without contracts as well as new construction developments including infrastructure wiring specifications to future proof state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Insider Expertise:  BBCG has true insider knowledge. John Russo, President BBCG, has worked at Director Levels or higher over the last 15 years with large cable TV and telecommunication companies, such as Bell South. In addition, John Russo is currently Vice President of a small rural cable operator in Florida.
  • Total Solution:  BBCG delivers a total State of the Industry System package (voice, high speed Internet/broadband, and cable) that provides the highest quality of service and technology for the management, residents and staff, while maximizing all income opportunities.
  • Contract Negotiation Expertise: BBCG utilizes a database of over 750 proven/industry-accepted contracts by cable and telephone companies. BBCG has established successful business relationships with upper-level cable and telephone executives nation wide.
  • Time Savings:  BBCG saves you a considerable amount of time in the process of reaching new contracts with cable and telephone companies. Typically, this process takes a minimum of 120 days and countless hours of phone calls and email messaging to reach closure.
  • Proven Track Record:  BBCG has a proven track record.  For over nine years BBCG results have consistently provided our clients with increased revenue and an enhanced range of services.
  • Reliability & Trust:  Our clients rely on us and trust that our industry knowledge of the Cable TV, Satellite, and Telecommunications industry is second to none. BBCG consistently researches regulatory, legal and technological changes.
  • Large Client Base:  BBCG typically combines your units with our existing clients to receive volume financial advantages for all our clients without disclosing confidentiality terms between clients.
  • Performance Based:  Best of all, we are only compensated if we deliver a new agreement, accepted by your company that generates financial and/or technological benefits for your property that do not exist today.