About Us

BBCG is a telecommunications asset management firm with a team of over 8 experts with over 80 years of combined experience. We specialize in legal, profits, and technology project oversight for owners of multifamily. By representing over 1,000,000 multi-family units, BBCG has the expertise and industry influence to obtain maximum value for your telecommunication rights.

Choosing from franchise operators or gigabit fiber internet companies, and telephone providers is our focus of maximizing the value of your telecommunication assets and easements. We are experts at using competitive bidding and insider information to negotiate the best financial terms with these companies based on your objectives and goals.

BBCG is with you every step of the way including:

Easement language and agreements
Request for Proposal (RFP Process)
Contract negotiation – terms and conditions
Contract negotiation – door fees, revenue share, bulk,
Wiring infrastructure using future proof specifications.
Coordination of service installation.
Financial tracking.
All follow up and contract enforcement.