Our Services

BBCG is the nations premier technology, legal, and profit advisors for the Multifamily Industry.

Who are we?

  • A team of industry Vice Presidents/Directors that has left telecom/cable/internet companies to represent owners, managers, best interest.
  • Celebrating 24 years successfully achieving clients objectives.
  • Representing over 1 Million multifamily units
  • Produced more than a $500 million in ancillary income for our clients
  • Assisting on average, over 500 new apartment sites for developers.
  • In House Telecom Counsel focused on multifamily industry.
  • Our strict ethics prevent us from receiving all forms of compensation from any vendor or providers. This includes free services, gift cards, referrals fees, and any other forms of compensation.
  • We have a fiduciary responsibility to represent your best interest only always.

Areas of Expertise

Gigabit Managed Internet
Cable TV, gigabit fiber internet
Residential and Business Class Phone Services
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), first responder emergency radios.
Smart Apartment Strategies and Devices (Door locks, Thermostats, etc.)
Fitness Center Design
Club House and Amenity Services
Leasing Office Telephone and Cable
Access Control
Low Voltage Cabling
Expert on MDU Legal Agreements
Contract Renewals Specialist
5G Roof Top Antenna Leases which are in high demand

Our Services Include:

• Contract Auditing Services
• Contract Negotiation Services
• Contract Maintenance Services
• Low-Voltage and Design Services
• Clubhouse and Amenity Area Services

Low-Voltage Services

Assist the developer/general contractor with coordinating the relocation of existing service poles and wiring.

Review, comment on, and redline all existing low voltage drawings from the street entry to all unit outlets.

Summarize the responsibilities of the provider(s) and the Owner/General Contractor on formal scope of work documents.

Provide recommended wall plate specifications and locations to best accommodate your residents.

Lowering your construction cost by adding scope to the providers on infrastructure wiring/conduits, etc.

Coordinate site meetings with GC and the provider(s) to establish working relationships in the field with the providers.

Assist as the one source point of contact for your team’s construction issues, change orders, and escalate to senior management construction delays by the provider(s)

Cellular/Wi Fi/Public and Resident DAS

Ensuring your residents and staff have the cellular smart devices coverage.

Recommend and introduce you to reputable and established vendors.

Provide solutions such as DAS, Wi FI Calling (our favorite), cell boost, and the pros and cons of each.

Assist with vendors on DBA DAS First responder system bid/designs through outside consultants BBCG recommends.

Review proposals to ensure they will meet your needs and are competitive within the market.

Optional service to assist with roof top/tower cellular leases through outside consultants BBCG recommends.

Smart Products Advisory



Door Locks


Contract Negotiation Services

ensuring your property is maximizing its cable, internet, and phone opportunities.

Obtain service confirmation letters for lenders showing providers can service cable/high speed internet/phone

Issue a Request for Proposal to all potential cable, internet, and telephone providers

Leverage the units of our 200+ clients to negotiate the best possible terms

Summarize the various proposals and options for ownership

Provide detailed financial models to assist in making the best possible long-term choice for your property.

Negotiate the agreement terms with the telecom providers using our database of over 500 contracts.

Utilize 50+ combined years of telecom provider agreement knowledge

Assist with long term contract maintenance, assuming the continuance of BBCG’s engagement

Monitor all agreements to ensure you never miss a renewal or renegotiation opportunity

Contract Maintenance Services

saving you and your staff from the time and headache

Serve as your one point of contact for all cable, internet, and phone issues

Ensure that providers clean up unsightly wiring and illegal gigabit fiber internet dishes (within FCC guidelines)

Ensure your courtesy accounts are honored, installed, and maintained

Clubhouse and Amenity Area Services

providing your staff and residents with the technology they need.

Ensure your property receives as many complimentary cable, internet, and phone services as possible.

Assist with ordering the installation of all cable, internet, and phone services

Coordinate and order all life safety phone lines for Certificate of Occupancy inspections

Industry Direct Relationships: Based on our volume, tenure, and ethics, we have established top VP friendly trusting relationships with the largest telecom companies in the US that we reach out to for assistance anytime via email or phone

Portfolio Management Is Free: BBCG consistently has meetings with clients to go over detailed portfolio spreadsheets on client’s assets that outline ALL existing agreement details. BBCG has backup cloud service for these contracts for fast requested Client questions.

Auditing is Free: Currently, Client advises us with any concerns on missing payments, etc. We welcome to expand this role further. The amount of the revenue shares come with a backup statement from the providers sent to Client outlining the take rates and percentages from the agreement paid based on the performance. See attached sample. Please note that the top 10 cable and phone companies in Client’s portfolio use automated advance software systems to calculate these amounts for every owner in the country for thousands of communities. If the data from the contract BBCG negotiated is input correctly from the beginning, there should never be an error. BBCG welcomes to review these back up reports and the associated check amount for accuracy anytime. Yes, there are errors, but it is usually based on the improper data entry form the beginning and once fixed, it should be resolved long term since they use automated systems to calculate these reports.

Disposition Assistance is Free: BBCG, upon request, BBCG will provide Client a detailed assignment summary pulled from the provider agreements on the process to assign. Most of this is done internally with Client and buyer. If Client requests, BBCG can take lead notifying the providers after the sale is completed.

Client Purchases is Free: BBCG is true legal experts on reviewing existing agreements in place. We provide a professional opinion and summary of the agreement immediately before or after purchase. Jenn and I are ultimately familiar with the special paperwork required by each provider and consistently have taken lead with Client on this process.

Contract Renewals and Negotiations: Our true specialty. We use advanced financial models for bulk/wholesale billing and revenue share options to assist clients on the right decision for their assets. We are very strict and diligent making sure any new agreement we negotiate has better financials.

Client’s One Point of Contact: We are passionate about NEVER allowing a property’s leasing staff the need to reach a call center, rather reach out to us for the proper assistance.

Legal: BBCG has extensive legal expertise on the telecom technology terms of these agreements based on 24 years of expertise working with client and telecom lawyers. BBCG is a great partner with client’s real estate attorneys. While we are not licensed attorney’s, BBCG has vetted owner favored templates with each of the largest companies that we utilize for our clients.

Leasing office phone and cable invoice auditing and Optimization. BBCG’s Timothy Rennie is assisting BBCG’s client’s leasing staff/amenity area office phones, fire alarm/elevator phone lines daily auditing existing invoices. BBCG is amazing successful with technology improvements and substantially lowering these expenses improving properties operating margins.

5G Cellular Roof/Top Lease Negotiations. BBCG assist clients in finding additional profits for roof top or tower leases for cellular antennas

New Construction. BBCG offers complete low voltage design, construction timeline project management, bid reviews and saving analysis, contract negotiations, and timely Certificate of Occupancy amenity area life safety phone lines and Wi-Fi hot spots

Top 10 Reasons Why BBCG Should be Your Technology, Profit, and Legal advisor

  1. Proven Success & Track Record:

    We represent over 300 clients, including some of the nation’s leaders in the multi-family industry, and all of our clients found us through a referral. Since 2000, we have worked hard every day with the goal of providing our clients with increased revenue and an enhanced range of services.

  2. New Construction Expertise:

    We will recommend infrastructure wiring specifications to future proof your property for state of the art technologies, free of charge

  3. Free Audits of Existing Contracts:

    We will audit your existing cable, internet, and telephone agreements for free and tell you if there is an opportunity to negotiate a new contract and increase your ancillary income.

  4. Time Savings:

    We will save you the considerable amount of time, emails, and phone calls that are required to establish a new contract with the telecom providers.

  5. Contract Negotiation Expertise:

    We utilize our 80 + years of experience, and our database of over 500 previously vetted contracts that were accepted by the telecom providers, to maximize your service and income opportunities.

  6. Total Solution:

    We work to negotiate a state of the art cable, internet, and telephone system for your property, that will provide the highest quality of service and technology for your team and your residents, while maximizing your ancillary income opportunities.

  7. Insider Expertise:

    Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in the telecom industry and we have established business relationships with telecom executives nationwide.

  8. Reliability & Trust:

    Our clients rely on us and trust that our knowledge of the cable, internet, and telephone industry is second to none. BBCG consistently researches regulatory, legal and technological changes, and provides our clients with this knowledge free of charge.

  9. Large Client Base:

    We will combine your property’s units with the units of our existing clients to negotiate volume financial advantages for all our clients, without disclosing confidential terms and information.

  10. Performance Based:

    Best of all, we are only compensated if we deliver a new agreement that is accepted by your company and that generates improved financial and/or technological benefits for your property.