Frequently Asked Questions

BBCG offers flexible pricing plans. Our most popular option is a flat rate per unit. BBCG is only compensated if our clients accept the contracts we present that offer enhanced technology and/or financial incentives

No, BBCG only gets paid if they are successful in obtaining a new contract that pays door fees or revenue share percentages or provides technological benefits for your property.  This is Performance Pay in the truest sense.

BBCG offers a No Charge, No Obligation review of your existing contracts within your portfolio to determine any financial and technological upgrade opportunities that may exist.

BBCG is true experts in cable, telephone and internet agreements, and averages over 750 contracts per years for our existing client base. In our 18 year history, we have completed over 100,000 contracts.  We have partnered with our client’s counsel in developing pre-approved templates for the nations 10 largest telecom companies.

Yes, we guarantee it. BBCG negotiates over 150,000 apartment units per year. By packaging your units with our other clients, using competitive bids from different providers, as well as inside knowledge of the business, BBCG has consistently delivered better financial and technological terms for our clients. Our industry relationships with decision makers, Vice Presidents and Director Levels, have also contributed to our success.


BBCG is able to assist on new construction sites with obtaining confirmation of service letters. BBCG provides commitment letters to financial institutions for our clients regarding new developments that guarantee telephone, cable, and high-speed Internet service.

BBCG is able to assist with the location of outlets and the cable, internet, and telephone wiring infrastructure on new construction and renovations. BBCG will future proof your property by providing recommended specifications to use for telephone, high-speed Internet, and cable television wiring and outlet locations. Our goal is to have each of the companies wire your property so that providing a smart apartment/condo/home does not cost our clients anything.


By allowing BBCG to be your consultant, you free up valuable time so your staff can focus on other development or management issues. It is like having an in-house expert to handle all the numerous issues typically handled by you and your staff.