Top 10 Reasons for Choosing BBCG

Top 10 Reasons Why BBCG Should be Your Broadband Consultant

  • Proven Success & Track Record: We represent over 200 clients, including some of the nation’s leaders in the multi-family industry, and all of our clients found us through a referral. Since 2000, we have worked hard every day with the goal of providing our clients with increased revenue and an enhanced range of services.
  • New Construction Expertise: We will recommend infrastructure wiring specifications to future proof your property for state of the art technologies, free of charge.
  • Free Audits of Existing Contracts: We will audit your existing cable, internet, and telephone agreements for free and tell you if there is an opportunity to negotiate a new contract and increase your ancillary income.
  • Time Savings: We will save you the considerable amount of time, emails, and phone calls that are required to establish a new contract with the telecom providers.
  • Contract Negotiation Expertise: We utilize our 70 + years of experience, and our database of over 500 previously vetted contracts that were accepted by the telecom providers, to maximize your service and income opportunities.
  • Total Solution: We work to negotiate a state of the art cable, internet, and telephone system for your property, that will provide the highest quality of service and technology for your team and your residents, while maximizing your ancillary income opportunities.
  • Insider Expertise: Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in the telecom industry and we have established business relationships with telecom executives nationwide.
  • Reliability & Trust: Our clients rely on us and trust that our knowledge of the cable, internet, and telephone industry is second to none. BBCG consistently researches regulatory, legal and technological changes, and provides our clients with this knowledge free of charge.
  • Large Client Base: We will combine your property’s units with the units of our existing clients to negotiate volume financial advantages for all our clients, without disclosing confidential terms and information.
  • Performance Based: Best of all, we are only compensated if we deliver a new agreement that is accepted by your company and that generates improved financial and/or technological benefits for your property.